The cloudʼs concept

The cloud is a constant prototype. It continuously shapes its own environment and adjusts to any new circumstances or needs. Over time, we rearrange the room and further develop our concept. With our events and workshops, we want to give a chance to everybody to participate, to experiment, get feedback and simply relax together.


We organize the cloud through a group of admins. As an admin, you have certain advantages and responsibilites, although the joy and the community spirit shall be the biggest motivation!

We are always looking for new, dedicated and motivated students to join and support this project. Everybody is invited to co-create our concept by contributing as an admin or simply by giving advice on what we can do better. If you want to be an admin or have any questions, feel free to talk to us or join our next admin meeting! The dates for that can be found in our calendar inside and in front of the cloud.